Yekho-Lekho, the Dark One from the Woods


It lives in the darkness, in the woods behind the home shores of Rodhina, and it is the one who creeps from tree to a tree, holding on to the thick branches with its clawed hands and its only leg. It is watching from the top of the trees, from the shadows between the leaves. Are you afraid, devichka? Do not go to the woods alone. And do not look up.


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    okay, dat’s spookity right there. Eeep!

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      *voice of Emperor Palpatine* Good… Good… 🙂

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    That’s great! I already love this universe!
    How can I subscribe?

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      Welcome to the Rodhina verse! We are happy to have you here! 🙂

      Here is the link to the MailChimp subscription form: Let me know if it works 🙂 The first email will be sent out tonight or tomorrow, and then I’ll be notifying everyone of new chapters and art updates! Thank you for your support!

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    My first official comment! Yeayyy.. *happy jumping*

    Ok, now this is something you don’t want to see or meet in the middle of the forest. Even the name can give you goosebumps.

    Katya, amazing illustrations on the creatures and map! I definitely want that and put it next to my Middle Earth map! Maybe one day, you will publish a book on the world of Rodhina, just like Tolkien. I’m happy for you dear!!

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      Yay! Welcome, my darling! So happy to see you here!

      Thank you for all the wonderful compliments! The prints will soon be available on the King and Wren Etsy Shop for purchase and instant download. I think some of them will make lovely colouring pages too 🙂

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    Are you afraid, devichka? Awesome!!!

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