Three Spirits: Domnik, Lesnik, and Bannik

The Little Spirits (1)

The three spirits, three brothers, are each responsible for one of the three important spheres in the household of a family in Rodhina. Domnik, the House Spirit, is a benevolent, somewhat fretty spirit that lives in the house, constantly rustling in the corners, creaking with the floorboards, and dropping things in cupboards. His brother, Lesnik, leaves in the back room, somewhere near the threshold of the back door, facing the woods behind the villages of Rodhina. His mind half resides in the woods, while he keeps the forests spirits at bay, not allowing them into the house life of the Westerners. Bannik lives in the banya, Westerner sauna, a crude small building, made of logs, with a wood stove and buckets of water, where Westerners wash, relaxing their body and their mind in the aromatic steam full of essential oils.


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    How neat! What was the inspiration for these guys? There’s a bit of the brownie about Domnik.

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      I based them on traditional Russian folklore, just tweaked it a bit 🙂 I assumed having three spirits responsible for three spheres of life would be a nicely balanced system 🙂

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    Love the little touches – like the spiders and the twigs. Really makes me want to go back and read some of the classic fairy tales that were just full of magical creatures.

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      Thank you, Jill! They were fun to draw!

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    Ooh, is Bannik recevinig visitors soon? I might come calling. I’ll bring my own towel 🙂

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