The war has been raging through the lands to the South of the Great Sea for the last ten years; but it is over, and the ships of the Westerners return to their islands, carrying with them the dead body of their warlord, King Einar. He had fallen in the last battle, protecting Lindrand, the port lying in the heart of the trade of the Known Lands.

Ani, a young healer, has only seen him once, at the beginning of her service in the infirmary where he found his end. Once he starts visiting her dreams, she is placed before a choice. She can venture in a long and perilous journey through the Great Islands and the Known Lands to find a way to help him to pass into the Mists of the Forefathers, the mythical haven where, according to the Westerners, only the warriors fallen in battle are given passage to. Or, Ani can stay in Lindrand and build a peaceful and uneventful life that she has always dreamt about.

Ani is the first book in the King Einar Series, and it is the story of a young woman who has no choice but to find strength and courage to face the world ruled by men and magic.

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 Chapter 1. Arrival to Lindrand

Chapter 2. First Dream

Chapter 3. Is It Even a Dream?

Chapter 4. A New Word and a Butterfly

Chapter 5. Word Game

Chapter 6. Deep Blue Sea

Chapter 7. Dive In

Chapter 8. First Night

Chapter 9. Of Red and White

Chapter 10. Fallen Warrior

Chapter 11. Ani Makes Her Choice

Chapter 12. Unexpected Help

Chapter 13. Purchases and Beverages

Chapter 14. A New Sailor

Chapter 15. At Sea Again