The baskak named Bozhidar promised Ani to take her to the Pearl Islands on his ship and even offered to talk to the Chief Healer on her part. She agreed grudgingly. She was hoping to have her place saved for her for when she were to be back from her trip to the Islands, but […]

“Do you believe in magic, Todric?” Ani asked the healer, and he lifted tired eyes off his plate. His usually pale skin on the narrow, exhausted face had an ashen tone to it. They were eating in the common room, the time was close to dawn, and Ani would bet he felt no taste just […]

“You want me to travel to the Pearl Islands…” Ani repeated slowly. “That is weeks of travel, and now, with the war just having ended, it will require a lot of expenses. The Leagued Fleet is scarce, most of your compatriots have left the port already. I have just paid my rent, I have no […]

This time Ani found herself in front of the Long House, outside, bearskin covering the entrance from inside. She looked around. She stood on a tall cliff, over a dark grey sea, the likes of which she had never seen in her life. Nothing was on the cliff but the Long House, a prolonged wooden […]

“And who would you be, little bird?” The dead King looked her over, and she jerked her chin up. “I am Ani, a healer from the Vales at the foot of the Golden Mountains.” “Ani? Like a bird?” The King smirked, and turning around he confidently marched to a bench by the furthest wall of the […]

Chapter 1. Arrival to Lindrand

The day when Ani, a young healer from the Vales of River Snell, arrived at Lindrand, the largest port to the South of the Great Sea, the weather was grey and mournful, sheets of rain falling on the slate roof of the infirmary. The healer entered the city from the South, having walked through the […]