Rodhina Myths


The Westerners of Rodhina, isolated from the rest of the Known Lands by the sea, and from the nomads of the Far West by the thick woods and a narrow, deadly desert, have preserved their beliefs and customs. Their binary cosmology is built on the duality of land and sea, men and women, and their respective places in the life of Narod, as they call themselves.

Men are to sail, trading and selling their swords for service to other peoples; women are to stay on land, hunt and fish and bring up children; and when Volchina, the Black Wolf, death personified, comes for one, they travel to the Blazhena Kray, where they are offered to stay and receive a reward or punishment they deserved while alive, or to return to Rodhina, a man born now as a woman, and a woman now born as a man.

The mythical world of Rodhina spirits and gods is diverse, ruled by two goddesses, Matka Morska, the patron of the sea, and Matka Pochava, the protector of the land.

Have a look below to meet the otherworldly creatures of Rodhina!

Yekho-Lekho, the Dark One from the Woods

Blota, the Marsh Hag

Domnik, Lesnik, and Bannik

Volchina, the Death Spirit