This hearty soup is good for one’s blood and can be eaten hot or cold.


Beetroot … 32 cups diced

Parsnip … 2 roots diced

Carrots … 8 cups diced

Purple onion … 4 cups diced

Purple cabbage … 1 small head diced

Tomatoes … 16 cups diced

White beans … 8 cups

Green peas … 4 cups fresh or frozen

Sauerkraut … 5 liters

Garlic … 1/2 cup

Spices (bay leaf, pepper, caraway seed 1/4 cup, celery seed 1/4 cup, 2 tablespoons black pepper)

Salt … 1/2 cup


Beans are to be soaked overnight and boiled till soft.

Meat stock is to be made. Veal is considered the best, but the choice of meat or game can vary depending on the season.

Onions diced and fried in oil with garlic, spices, and salt. Carrots are to be added to the pan, and fried till golden colour.

Beets, purple cabbage, parsnips, and the fried mixture are to be added to the stock and cooked till soft.

Sauerkraut is to be added and allowed to marry with the flavour of the soup.

Once the soup is ready, tomatoes, peas, and greens such as parsley and/or dill are to be chopped and added to it.

The soup tastes best the next day.


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