Blota, the Marsh Hag

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Living in the bogs and marshes of the forests surrounding the shores of Rodhina, Blota is a malicious and treacherous creature. Some say it can take a form of a kind looking old woman, asking unsuspecting travellers for help and luring them to their death into the rancid, dark waters of her kingdom. The legends claim she is the daughter of the Sea Goddess, Matka Morska, but as a child she preferred spending time playing with her land kin, and after a while her mother rejected her, prohibiting her to return to the clean blue waters of the Great Sea. Deprived of her mother’s love, Blota is vengeful and unforgiving to anyone coming her way.


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    Oh wow, that’s a story and a half, almost feel sorry for her.
    Notice i said ‘almost’

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      That was the plan! 🙂

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